Laser Hair Removal Services


Beauty on the beach is happy to offer a gentle, long term method of hair removal. Laser hair removal is less painful, more cost effective, less time consuming, less irritating to the skin, and has longer lasting results than the traditional methods of waxing, tweezing, plucking, and shaving.

How does it work?

Laser light, 800 nm is pulsed to the skin. The target for the laser is melanin, so the laser goes to wherever there is pigment. If there is no pigment then the laser light scatters and the client feels nothing. Hair is usually darker than the skin, so the hair follicle absorbs the majority of the laser pulse. The hair follicle and bulb heat up enough to be damaged or killed. Once the hair follicle is damaged or killed, it will no longer grow hair. The hairs that receive the most laser heat will be most responsive to laser. The thicker, darker hairs receive the most attention from the laser because they have more pigment therefore making them a better target. The only hairs that respond to laser are the hairs that are in the active growth phase. About 30 percent of your hairs are growing at any time, so it takes several treatments to effectively reduce the amount of hair in an area. The laser will never remove 100 percent of the hair, however it can reduce the amount and thickness of hair from very thick to barely noticeable, usually in 6-8 treatmets.

Is it painful?

In the past, with more primitive lasers, it could be somewhat painful. It depends on how much pigment is in each clients hair or skin, hormone levels, and personal sensitivities. Here at Beauty on the Beach, we use the latest technology in Laser Hair removal, The Lightsheer Duet. The geniuses at Lumenis have devised a way for the laser to heat up and kill follicles with relatively no pain. Technique makes a difference as well. 

Who is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Anyone with pigment in their hair is a candidate. Because the laser targets pigment, it is not effective on white, grey, very blonde, or red hairs. Men and Women with any pigment to their hair will see results.

How to prepare for Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Beauty on the Beach?

We ask that you avoid direct sunlight to the treatment area for 3 weeks prior to treatment and for the week following treatment. We also ask that you avoid tanning creams and tanning beds. Because the target for the laser is pigment, any tan or skin coloring can compete for the laser, rendering less effective. To ensure best results please avoid tanning until you have finished laser treatments.

It is also important that you avoid plucking, tweezing, or waxing the area for 3 weeks prior to being treated. We want the laser light to be directed to the follicle, if you have recently plucked tweezed or waxed there will be no target for the laser. You are however, allowed to shave. Shaving will remove the obvious hair from the skin while maintaining a hair in the follicle. We have you shave the treatment area just prior to being treated to prevent the laser from being directed to the surface hair. 

Some medications cause photosensitivity and also sensitivity to laser light. It is very important to always let the doctor or nurse know all of your medications and medical conditions to ensure the safest treatment possible.

Medications that cause the blood to thin can cause bruising during laser treatment. It is best to avoid high doses of Advil, Motrin, Alleve, Naprosin, blood thinning agents, and alcoholic beverages for a few days prior to treatment.

What should you expect when you arrive at Beauty on the Beach?

 We will go over the procedure and consent form and answer any questions you have. Dr Shakiba will be available to answer any questions. When it is time for treatment, we will make sure you are comfortable and ensure the most relaxed experience possible.

After Being Treated

Immediately following your treatment the skin will be more susceptible to sun burns. It is important that you avoid direct sunlight for 3 days to a week. SPF 40 or higher regularly applied to the area can reduce the likelihood of burning. Your skin may be a little bit red and tender. We ask that you have 1% Hydrocortisone at home to help to calm the skin after treatment. This medication is over the counter and available at any pharmacy. There is no down time. You can go back to work or out to dinner immediately following treatment.